You have to care less.

So true!

Pallak Singh

  1. In life, as i grew, I have learned this thing that people will judge you no matter how great you are. They will always find ways to put you down, make you feel horrible about yourself. And by people i don’t mean “strangers” or your “enemies” ; they can be anyone including your friends or your “loved ones”. In life people will judge you if you do nothing and they will judge you if you try to do something. I remember how people judge me if i post any of my pictures. They leave their comments saying how “ugly” i looked or how “stupid” i am. They make fun of me.( I’m just talking about the negative comments here. No offense to anyone) Who knows, they might even judge me for writing this blog. So basically in life no matter how great you are, you will always be judged by…

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Author: Mellodia

I love life and to live life to the fullest.The Bible is my lifeplan. My main focus is to always keep God first and he will direct and guide me on this awesome journey. Without him I would be totally lost. I have suffered so many hard life lessons which most I brought on myself and learned some tough lessons. I mean tough. Lots and lots of pain. Lots and Lots of Joy. I started small business while living in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1995, Mahogany Enterprises,Inc. I look forward to re-branding company as the umbrella for other entrepreneurs. The first will be myself as an affiliate marketer for which will be offering digital products. As a Click Bank affiliate so many doors are opening with other awesome vendors Soon you will be able to see these awesome teams advertised on my website and blogs. My hobbies are listening to music and creating playlists,searching graphics/inspirational words to add to social media sites, reading books, word search puzzles and online gaming. Biggest joy is taking care of my baby boy, American Stafford, BOSS! You will get a chance to see him too! He follows me all around the house and is very very protective. He knows he is deeply loved.

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