Be who you are

Great Job! We are all unique in our own way!

Pallak Singh

In this big world, we try to make a small place for us. We try to fit in. But it’s really not easy to fit in. You see? So to fit in, we all try to be someone who is good enough or who is perfect. We just change ourselves. We get so busy and we lose ourselves. We lose who we used to be. And by the time we realise this, it’s too late. It’s like seeing a plant grow. You know it’s growing and one day it just becomes a tree. Hard and tough. We are the tree here. There was a time when we used to be like a plant, that is soft but as time flew, we became like a tree. There was a time when we had a golden heart. But now, we have to just “pretend”. Pretend to be someone we are not. And…

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Letting go to cherish every memory especially precious moments of our lives is soothing, comforting , peaceful, loving, tranquil, feels good, especially if having a stressful day. Sweet Sweet Memories of the good times.

Pallak Singh


Remember how we first met? As strangers. And how we started talking and came so close? I do. Remember all the fun that we used to have? Remember how we used to talk about anything and everything? I remember it so well. But why? Maybe because these are the memories that will never fade away. No matter what. Do i want them to fade away? Not really. Nothing lasts forever except the memories. The memories are there with us till the time we close our eyes. Good/bad both. Sometimes you just need to let go and cherish each and every memory that you have. That’s what I’m gonna do. That’s what everyone should do.

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Best Traditional Food Dishes From Around the World


International Bellhop Travel Magazine

Best Food Dishes in the World

We Bellhops have a tendency to travel with our stomachs, and often go to destinations solely for their good food, unique ingredients, and wild recipes. Today, we are sharing with our fellow travelers some of the best traditional dishes from around the world. Prepare your stomach for growling…


Curry Mee — Malaysia

Made with thin “mee-hoon” noodles made of rice, the spicy broth includes coconut milk and chili or Sambol. Optional ingredients can include tofu, prawns, cuttlefish, mint leaves, and whatever fresh vegetables you like on top. Our favorite is mushrooms and chives.


Pastitsio — Greece

This dish is by-far our favorite on the list, because it is just a good comfort food that has endured over the ages. A bottom layer of tube pasta (like rigatoni) with ground beef or lamb on top of that makes the bottom. On top of that, goes tomatoes, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice. Pour…

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